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What can you do with Z-Wave using your mobile device?

Garage Doors



Use the Geo Location services to put a radius around your house that senses when you are nearby. Set up your system to change the temperature when you are almost home, open the garage door when you pull up to the house, turn on the lights, among other useful services!

With Z-wave technology, you can control virtually anything in your home. You can pull out your mobile device or computer from anywhere and turn off the lights, change the temperature, close your garage, lock or unlock your doors, and be alerted to flooding using water sensors. 

Recieve notifications when a door or window has been opened!

Use special outlets that allow you to turn off anything from anywhere!Type your paragraph here.

Residential Alarm Monitoring Service and Installation

DSC NEO Security Keypad System

Serving people and their technology across the front range



Flood Sensors and more!


$400.00 DSC NEO Basic Kit includes:

1ea  6 zone security panel expandable to 16 zones
1ea On board cellular communicator
1ea Icon POWER G Keypad compatible with wireless devices
1ea Back up battery
1ea power supply transformer

Monitoirng $30.00 per month and includes cellular service